Strategic priority for communications service providers has shifted dramatically from simply acquiring customers to keeping the customers they already have which means having an acceptable performance is no longer good enough.

To be successful, providers will need to earn their customers’ love—in large enough measure for customers to choose to stay loyal when tempted by competitive offers.

Many Communication service providers are making the organizational and process changes required to solve any problem that cause customer dissatisfaction.

IDC Technologies, outsourcing solutions can help with operations, IT and business functions of communication service providers and help them succeed with their strategies.

Why IDC Technologies:

  • State of the art infrastructure which enables us to provide uninterrupted services.
  • Highly reliable IT and Network infrastructure with multiple redundancies.
  • Broad Technology Reach – Proven ability to deliver to a wide spectrum of existing and emerging Technologies.
  • Agility – IDC have the right blend of qualifications, processes, synergy and commitment to provide world-class service and deliver to our customers’ expectations.
  • Maximize savings through better turn around and reduce defect rates.
  • Deep commitment to our customers defines how we do business and our years of experience working across the industries.
  • Unique global engagement model allows the customer to chose the sourcing strategies best suited to their business needs.

For more information on IDC Technologies, located in Milpitas, CA please call 1-844-IDCTECH