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Ideas On Retaining Staff And Finding Right Candidates

In today's climate it is getting harder to find new candidates and hires, not to mention retaining existing staff. The company has been experiencing a problem with attracting new talent because of a lack of qualified candidates in the market and a large number of them not wanting to move without major increases in pay. IDC Technologies has been focusing on developing our own internal talent pool database which has allowed us to find the right talent for your company's growth and sustainability.

Screening and Interviewing Candidates

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The first step in retaining your team is finding the right people to hire. When hiring new people, it's important to test if they fit the culture of your organisation. A big factor in this is screening and interviewing these candidates, we do this as a part of the finding stage. We interview the candidates first and understand their motives, goals and how they work best.Screening and interviewing candidates have prevented a lot of potential problems from happening, as we have found from our clients. It will also help you to make a decision on who to hire faster. Most importantly, it will help you retain your current team members by making sure you find the right candidate who will fit in.

To improve this process we recommend that you should also ask your existing staff members if they have any input on who they think should be hired. Interview your candidates to create a thorough reference list. Use reference lists when making hiring decisions so you can find the right fit between the person you hired and your team.

Stay Organised and Communicate Regularly

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Staying organised when screening and interviewing candidates will help you make decisions faster and better, make sure all the decision makers are involved from the start and understand the timeline they need to follow. If you communicate regularly with people, you will notice that people will respond better when you contact them. This applies to both retaining your team members and hiring new people. When communicating with your team members, make sure you use positive language when you are communicating with them. Make it clear that you appreciate their hard work and that you want them to feel appreciated and valued. When hiring new people, make them feel welcome by introducing them to the team, company and their working environment in person if possible.

Provide Growth Opportunities for Staffers

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In today's environment you need to create a culture of growth opportunities for your staff members, you need to give them opportunities which appeals to them as well as is in the best interest of the organisation. This can pertain to both the work they are doing and the people they are working with. Make room for collaboration. Collaboration is a great way to stay organised and get the job done fast. If you have a lot of open projects, try using different project management solutions, there are plenty out there like Trello and Wunderlist. Work with your staff members to find areas where they can collaborate and help each other solve problems and find solutions. In other works, less competitive and more collaborative.

Involve your Employees in Decision-Making (where you can)

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When you want to create an environment of involving your employees in decision-making, you need to make sure that everyone is included in decisions. Not all areas of decision making will be up for collaboration, if this is so, make it known and why. Clear communication will always help you.

IDC Technologies:

IDC Technologies is a leading provider of IT and digital transformation services for the Australian and APAC market. We have been in business since 1998 and have helped over 1,000 organisations to improve their IT performance and finding the right candidates for their business. Over the last few years we have had a great deal of experience with the difficulties in finding and retaining staff for our customers. We have developed a new recruitment system that will help them find the best candidates and reduce the time it takes to hire.

Our organisation is over 10,000 persons strong and we are located in nearly all regions around the world, allowing us to tap into the local talent in each region to help you find the right candidate.

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